Benefits of solar energy and solar panels

There are many benefits to installing solar panels and generating your own solar energy at your house, read about the key benefits here.

  1. Save money
  2. Increases the value of your home
  3. Earn more on your rental
  4. Good for the environment
  5. Electrical car energy
  6. Pool heating

Save money

One of the main reasons for installing solar panels for most people is that there is money to be saved, and with ever-rising electricity prices, the repayment of your investment (ROI, or return-of-investment) gets faster and faster. For most people, it only takes 4-5 years to make back money on their investment here on the Costa del Sol as we have all the way up to 320 days of sunshine here. For some, it may take another few years to get their investment back, but in the long run you are more or less guaranteed to get your money back!

Due to all Costa del Sol's hours of sunshine, you usually get completely free electricity during the summer months. And even if the electricity is not free every month during the year, you can count on a drastically reduced electricity bill after your home solar power plant is ready for use.

Also keep in mind that even on cloudy days your solar panels will generate electricity, up to 50% of the maximum. And even rainy days generate up to 15% of the maximum production.

Increases the value of your home

Another economical aspect of installing solar panels is the increase in the value of your home. For most people, the cost of the solar panels pays off already when the installation is completed, if you look at the increased value of the home. In addition, the interest in your home increases significantly in the event of a sale if you can show low energy costs and have a pre-installed solar panel home system.

Earn more on your rental

If you rent out your home, your electricity consumption is probably high during the time it is rented out. Many people who rent are very careless with their electricity consumption as they reason that they after all have already payed for it. By generating your own electricity, you can worry less about how much electricity cost your tenants will build up.

Good for the environment

Another very good thing that is more and more important for many is of course the environmental aspect. On the one hand, you produce environmentally friendly electricity yourself and the more people produce their own environmentally friendly home electricity, the less need for electricity produced in a non environmentally friendly way will be in the future.

Free electricity for your electric car

If you are environmentally conscious, maybe you have already bought an electric car? Imagine then that you get completely free fuel for your car. With solar panels, you can then not only get an extremely low electricity bill, you can also drive your car for next to free!

Provides extra opportunity to install pool heating

Although the pool season is long on Costa del Sol (usually from April to October), many people dream of having a heated pool during the winter. This is especially important if you rent out your house, If you can offer a heated pool, the interest in renting your home is greater and you can also charge a higher rental price.

A heat pump for the pool consumes a lot of energy, which means that many people opt out of that option, but with solar panels, your self-produced electricity can be used to heat your pool.

Installing pool heating is of course only an example of more energy-intensive things you may have chosen not to use. With your own solar energy you do not have to be afraid to install all kinds of energy-intensive equipment you might like.

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