The process of installing solar panels

Installing solar panels is neither as cumbersome nor as time consuming as many people think. You can have the installation ready in a couple of weeks after the very first meeting.

Below you have our entire step-by-step process to get your solar panels installed and ready for use.

1. The first meeting

To be able to make an estimate of how many solar panels you need and assess where and how we can install them with you, we must first come and have a look at you property. This first meeting is free of charge.

2. Quotation

Within a few days, we can give you a quote for what the cost of your installation will be. During normal circumstances you will recieve a fixed price quotation.

3. Installation of the solar panels

If you decide to go ahead with us, the next step is the installation itself. Normally this will happen within a couple of weeks after you have decided and normally the installation take 2 to 4 days.

4. Legalization of solar panels

From the first day that the solar panels are installed, you will start producing your own electricity. However, it is important to legally register your facility, in order to be able to sell your overproduction of electricity to the Spanish electricity companies. We take care of this legalization process and it is part of the total price in your quote. The process for this takes up to 2 months to complete.

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